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“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits.

The rebels. The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes…

Because the people who are crazy enough

to think they  can change the world…

…are the ones who do.”  

said by someone who did change the world

“It was not long ago that we  were touched by the problems Greeks (and not only) were facing as a result of losing  “public face” and their sense of a future perspective. It was soon evident that we couldn’t expect much to come from the outside. Change had to come from within….We took our responsibility seriously,  and decided to shift our own paradigm of helpnessness and loss of direction  into something more meaningful, something that we all could benefit from… This is what we came at, a desire to help embodied into actionable “system” whereby our motto is seek to “give back before you receive”. We did this in full faith that we all owe to others and thus giving help and servicing those in need is the only sure way to create abundance in return. Time lag is the only element missing in this equation, and we are sure that time will be given…”
George Raikos, Entrepreneur, Business & Life Coach – Founder of KINISI ZOIS.

We would like to remind you of such movies as  “Pay it forward”, “Forest Gump”, “Finding Forrester”, “Bagger Vance”, and many many more, which are fine examples of the power of this attitude. You may grasp some powerful moments of these in the “Videos” Section.

We strive to promote the idea that sharing all these intangible assets is a priceless, healing and fulfilling process that life coaches us with.

Our latest Project is Greek Oxygen, a social activist NGO having the mission, and the willpower,  to reforest the mountains surrounding the larger Athens area that has been burned, leading to serious oxygen deprivation for 5 million people.

visit www.greekO2.org for more…

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